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Getting started with cryptocurrency can be scary.

What does it all mean? How does it actually work? Is it secure? Where do you buy? How do you use it? And above all, how do you avoid becoming a victim?

All of this is compounded by the fact that every day, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increase in price - often by hundreds of dollars a day. In all truth, the sooner you get involved, the better.

In this all-new course, we'll teach you everything you need to know (and then some) in record time, so that you can get involved and begin safely acquiring your very own cryptocurrencies, free of risk, from the comfort of your own home.

Safety First

Secure your entire online identity

Though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies themselves are far more secure than other forms of money, that hasn't stopped people from losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of poor security practices.

In this course, we take a "safety first" approach, helping you understand the risks & responsibilities involved in becoming your own bank. We don't just teach you how to safely buy and secure your own Bitcoin. Instead we teach you how to create your own impenetrable online identity, by securing everything from your email to your bank accounts and social media accounts. 


The lessons are super clear, well paced, and have nice manner.
Haydn Pound Management Consultant
Visiting Prof: INSEAD / LBS
Finally, a high-quality training program to bring people onboard.
Garrett McDonald Cognitive Mining,
Energy Web Foundation
An incredible, A-Z training program that teaches a safety first approach.
Lev Ingman Entrepreneur
Hedge Fund Manager


Introduction & Foundations


  • About Your Instructors & What You’ll Learn FREE PREVIEW
  • Download The PDF Syllabus FREE PREVIEW
  • What Is Bitcoin? An Overview FREE PREVIEW
  • Quiz: Introduction & Foundations FREE PREVIEW

History & The Financial Revolution Behind Bitcoin


  • A Brief History of Money
  • What’s Wrong With Money Today FREE PREVIEW
  • The Dawn of CryptoCurrencies
  • Bitcoin is Born
  • How Bitcoin Changes Everything FREE PREVIEW
  • Bitcoin’s Rise To Prominence
  • Homework: Notable Bitcoin Supporters
  • Quiz: History & The Financial Revolution Behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mechanics & General Understandings


  • The Bitcoin Ecosystem & How It All Works
  • What Will Happen Once All Bitcoins Have Been Created?
  • Terminology & Denominations (PDF Resource)
  • How One Seed Backs Up Infinite Addresses
  • The BlockChain
  • Where Bitcoins Come From
  • Can Bitcoin Change & What Are BIPS?
  • How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?
  • Why Bitcoin Mining Isn’t Profitable
  • The Scaling Conundrum
  • Quiz: Bitcoin Mechanics & General Understandings

Getting Started With Bitcoin


  • Which Wallet Is Right For Me?
  • Homework: Setup A Bitcoin Wallet (PDF)
  • Backing Up Your Wallet
  • Homework: Back Up Your Seed (PDF Worksheet)
  • Homework: Exercise - Create a Secure Watch-Only Wallet (PDF Worksheet)
  • Buying Your First Bitcoin
  • Homework: Exercise - Buying Bitcoins (PDF Guide)
  • Why We Always Transfer Out Of Exchanges
  • Quiz: Getting Started With Bitcoin

Buying, Spending, and Earning Bitcoin


  • Choosing an Exchange
  • Buying Locally
  • Getting Verified To Trade
  • Start Accepting Bitcoin
  • How To Get Paid In Bitcoin... No Matter Where You Work!
  • Where Can You Spend Bitcoin?
  • Use Bitcoin Anywhere With These Great Tools
  • Homework: Comparison of Popular Bitcoin Debit Cards (PDF)
  • How To Sell Bitcoin
  • Homework: Exercise - Sell Bitcoins (PDF Guide)
  • Quiz: Buying, Spending, and Earning Bitcoin

Becoming a Savvy Investor


  • What Gives And Effects Bitcoin’s Value
  • The Volatility of Cryptocurrency
  • Why You Shouldn’t Become a Trader
  • Our Best Strategy For Investing in CryptoCurrency
  • Tracking Your Gains & Losses
  • CryptoCurrency Profit & Trade Tracker
  • Taxation and Accounting

Advanced Safety & Security Strategies


  • Bitcoin Horror Stories: Why Security Is So Important
  • Privacy Is Key
  • Adjust Your Security Level To Whatever You’re protecting
  • Everything Facing The Internet Is At Risk
  • What’s A Strong Password And How To Have One
  • Why And How We Never Re-Use Passwords
  • 2FA - Double Security With Minimum Effort
  • Assessing the Various Vulnerabilities In Your Setup
  • Hot vs. Cold Wallets
  • MultiSig - Shared Control
  • The Many Benefits of Hardware Wallets
  • Homework: Hardware Wallets Comparison (PDF)
  • Bonus: Unboxing & Configuring Your Trezor Hardware Wallet
  • Securing Your Digital Identity
  • Tails OS - How To Go Full Tinfoil Hat
  • Anonymity In The Digital Era?

Understanding Blockchain Technology & Its Vast Potential


  • Why Blockchain Is Revolutionary
  • Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoins Relatives
  • The Many Potential Uses of Blockchain
  • Public vs. Private vs. Consortium Blockchain
  • What Does The Future Hold For Bitcoin?
  • Quiz: Understanding Blockchain Technology & Its Vast Potential

Conclusions & Next Steps


  • Continue Your Learning
  • Must Watch Bitcoin Documentaries (PDF)
  • Thank You & Congratulations

Bonus Masterclass Material


  • Bonus: Is Bitcoin Hackable?
  • Bonus: What is an “ICO?”
  • Bonus: Explanation of Mining and Hash Functions
  • Bonus: Moving Forward & Contributing to the Movement
  • Bonus: Will Altcoins Overtake Bitcoin? Which Ones?
  • Bonus: Your Guide To Blockchain Based Social Media Platforms
  • Bonus: Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia
  • Bonus: Where To Buy Bitcoin?
  • Bonus: How To Buy Gold With Bitcoin

Bonus Altcoin Series


  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Binance Coin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Ethereum
  • Steem

Exclusive Interviews


  • Bonus Interview: Economist Jeffrey Tucker On Bitcoins Potential
  • Bonus Interview: Jeff Berwick Of The Dollar Vigilante
  • Bonus Interview: Peter Van Valkenberg Of Coin Center

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We're that confident you're going to love it.

About Your Instructors

Ravinder Deol
Ravinder Deol
Certified Bitcoin Professional
Ravinder Deol has been involved in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space since 2013, and has seen it grow tremendously. However there’s still one thing lacking, and that’s structured education. So he's taken it upon himself to help you get all the knowledge you need in one place!Initially teaching live, in-person classes, Ravinder went on to found B21 Block, where along with a team of co-instructors, he became the #1 bestselling instructor on Udemy in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Today, he lives in England, and creates online courses full time.
Jonathan Levi
Jonathan Levi
Online Education & Learning Expert
Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and lifehacker born and raised in Silicon Valley. Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on online learning platform Udemy, and has snowballed this success into the launch of his rapidly growing information products company, SuperHuman Enterprises, which produces such products as the top-rated Becoming SuperHuman Podcast; the bestselling "Become a SuperLearner" print, digital, and audiobooks; and numerous other online courses through it’s own online training portal, SuperLearner Academy. He is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Alon Goll
Alon Goll
Bitcoin Veteran & Entrepreneur
Alon Goll has been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012, when, during his bachelor’s degree in economics, he realized that there something about our banking and monetary system is very broken. Since then, he has become one of the most active and vocal members of the Israeli Bitcoin community, giving lectures and tutorials at corporations, events, and conferences on the topic. In 2017, Alon decided to sell his eCommerce company to focus full-time on Bitcoin-related projects. He is based in Rishon L'Tzion, Israel.

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